Miami FL. Alia Story of Science, Nature and Immune

Miami FL. Alia Story of Science, Nature and Immune System Supplements at Alia Science the premier company offering you a variety of CBD embodied supplements at Alia Science we believe in the integrity of science and the honesty of nature so our doctor, Dr. Jacob Silverstone and Scientists have formulated the perfect blend of everyday vitamins and supplements and enhanced them with our Premium Hemp Derived Pure CBD in all five of our proprietary supplement products.

All supplements and CBD products are not the same and the overwhelming majority of CBD products that are being sold are not therapeutic or lab tested, as Dr. Silverstone determined in an independent study of over 20 different CBD products being sold online individually and on major online sites like Amazon.

There is good news is Miami FL. Alia Story of Science can say with transparency we are different. First we are produced in an FDA-Approved Facility. Second our manufacturing process is rigorous we quality tests each formula so you can be sure our label is precise and down to a science.

Third, Alia Science CBD is derived from the mature stalk of the hemp plant. Then CO-2 extracted, Isolated and Decarboxylated in order to give you the purest active CBD with no THC.

Fourth, Alia Science is in complete compliance with the DEA. You are getting a Premium of the High Quality Hemp Derived CBD possible.

Fifth, Alia Science is lab tested to ensure quality. And Alia Science is endorsed by Doctors and Distributed throughout scores of Medical Offices.

Alia Science has Proven to be the Fore Most Trusted CBD Supplement Company Today.


“We trust in nature so you

can trust in us”

Dr. Jacob Silverstone

• Board Certified reconstruction surgeon trained under the top surgeons in the country

• The New York College of Podiatric Medicine, graduated top of his class with multiple honors

• Fordham University’s team podiatric physician treating top athletes in their athletic program.

• Achieved multiple medical awards and honors and has served as the primary investigator in numerous clinical trials.


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