CBD Isolate Versus CBD Full Spectrum |Alia Science

CBD Isolate Versus CBD Full Spectrum |Alia Science

CBD isolate versus CBD full spectrum. What is the benefit of full spectrum versus pure isolate nothing in evidence-based medicine discusses CBD full spectrum oil.

The internet community says, “Hey, the full spectrum oil has all of these cannabid oils associated with it, they must be good for you as well.”  Doctor Silverstone cannot consciously advocate for something without proper research.

Literature is suggestive of CBD and not CBDa. It is the decarboxylated active CBD. So now, where do I get it? In addition, that was the problem.


The problem is, I do not know where to get it. Most online sellers are selling full spectrum CBD oil. So I got in touch with a friend of mine who runs a lab down here in Miami and I said, “Could you explain to me why I can’t find the isolate?”

Moreover, he said, “Well, it’s very simple. Because the CBD oil, when you sell it as 1000 milligrams of CBD oil, they are not telling you how much CBD is per actual serving because is diluted and is diluted down. Therefore, they can put on the label 1000 milligrams of CBD oil and not specify.

   Therefore, CBD is the expensive ingredient in all of this. So you can kind of fabricate a much more appealing product to the masses based on really being creative with how you’re using math.” Moreover, that was very offensive to me…. LEARN MORE ABOUT THE CHALLANGE

Doctor J. Silverstone | Has achieved multiple medical awards and honors and has served as the primary investigator in numerous clinical trials.

Alia Science Product Test Results

Alia Science Formulated Oils containing Doctor Silverstone’s proprietary blend of:

Alia Science Formulated Oils containing Doctor Silverstone’s proprietary blend of:Ginger, Fever-few, Butter-bur, Melatonin, Turmeric, B12 -B4 and 520mg of 99% pure hemp derived CBD. Alia Science extracts CBD by using a CO2 method so no alcohol or chemicals every enter our products. Alia Science NEVER uses diluted full spectrum CBD to infuse there oils! Alia Science CBD is fully lab tested for potency and quality and contains no THC. Alia Science oils are produced in a FDA regulated facility and include lot numbers registered by the production lab.


To view the Lab Test for each of the 5 formulas we have provided a link to there website for your convience Alia Science Lab Test Results


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