CBD Isolate: “Because That is The Only Thing With Literature to Back it up” | Alia Science

CBD Isolate: “Because That is The Only Thing With Literature to Back it up”

Alia Science is evidence-based medicine, different formulations for different types of pathologies, in order to help and assist. Then embodied it with CBD isolate because that is the only thing with literature to back it up.

For instance, we know that turmeric, we know that magnesium, we know that l-glutamine, these are all supplements well published, well-researched

DR. JACOB M. SILVERSTONE, D.P.M. | Founder Alia Science

  • Board Certified reconstruction surgeon trained under the top surgeons in the country
  • The New York College of Podiatric Medicine, graduated top of his class with multiple honors
  • Fordham University’s team podiatric physician treating top athletes in their athletic program.
  • Achieved multiple medical awards and honors and has served as the primary investigator in numerous clinical trials.

Knowledge and Expertise in Cannabis

Today, Dr. Silverstone continues to bring his knowledge and expertise in cannabis to thousands of patients through Alia Science while also serving as HEMPONAIR’s lead in-house medical expert, combining his extensive experience in sports medicine, cosmetic restoration, pain management, rehabilitation, and functional reconstructive surgery with his passion for hemp, cannabis, and CBD in pursuit of integrative medicine for today’s active patient life with chronic illness.

Relief For His Headaches

Doctor Silverstone suffered from paroxysmal hemicranias.  He could not find relief for his headaches within traditional medicine, and shifted his perspective on natural remedies. So much, he founded Alia Science; the world’s first doctor formulated CBD Oil.


Allopathic Medicine

Alia Science is built on “allopathic medicine”, allopathic medicine is synonymous with “western medicine,” and generally seen as the opposite of “naturopathic” or “holistic” medicine. Doctor Silverstone describes himself as an allopathic practitioner!


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