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Butterbur Introduced To Formula

Because of the failure of conservative medication…

Because of the failure of conservative medication,    it showed that there was a positive benefit to it. The only unfortunate negative to it is there are certain extract methods, which one of the final portions of the chain has some carcinogenic linking. One must be careful make sure you are getting the right type of butterbur. It is very effective. “It was really, really effective”

“It was really, really effective”

Doctor Jacob Silverstone

Therefore, that was quite an eye-opening experience because for the first time I went in a very natural way and it was beneficial for me.

“It was somewhat of an eye opener in the sense where, I don’t know why we get fixated on philosophy. We sometimes get a little bit stubborn on the idea of, “Well I am only a naturopath. Well I am only an allopath.”     Well, I mean, the reality is that each one of us is somewhat different in the sense of how we metabolize different elements. So it very well could be that allopathic works for some and homeopathic works for others, I do not know why we get into this philosophy discussion of “Well, you should only try one method.” evidence-based allopathic ideology that perhaps homeopathy may have a place… READ MORE ABOUT BUTTERBUR

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Alia Science Formulated Oils containing Doctor Silverstone’s proprietary blend of:

Alia Science Formulated Oils containing Doctor Silverstone’s proprietary blend of:Ginger, Fever-few, Butter-bur, Melatonin, Turmeric, B12 -B4 and 520mg of 99% pure hemp derived CBD. Alia Science extracts CBD by using a CO2 method so no alcohol or chemicals every enter our products. Alia Science NEVER uses diluted full spectrum CBD to infuse there oils! Alia Science CBD is fully lab tested for potency and quality and contains no THC. Alia Science oils are produced in a FDA regulated facility and include lot numbers registered by the production lab.


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